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    Jean Tan Yi Jing, 12 Years Old, Level 4

    I find the teachers in Global Art very encouraging. For example, Teacher Wendy. Whenever I am in doubt, she will guide me step by step building my confidence. The skills that she taught me are applicable in any art competitions. Thank you Global Art and Happy 15th anniversary!


    – Jean Tan Yi Jing, Student –

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    Soong Yu Sin Silfyn, 12 Years Old, Level 4

    I enjoy my drawing and colouring lessons in Global Art. I find art lessons in Global Art very interesting for me. The unique colouring techniques that I have learnt in Global Art is applicable in my school’s art lessons. I managed to get A’s for Art in school most of the time.


    – Soong Choo Silfyn, Student –

    Soong Choo Kien, Parents of Soong Yu Sin Silfyn

    I have signed her up for several enrichment classes, but Global Art classes is always something she looks forward the most. Sometimes I would ask Teacher Wendy, “Silfyn has been in Global Art for such a long time, when is it time for her to end her lessons?” Every time when Silfyn overheard me asking this question, her reply would definitely be “I don’t want to stop, I want to learn art forever!” From this I can see that she really enjoys drawing and enjoy her time in Global Art.

    Overall, ever since she joined Global Art her attitude towards learning has changed significantly. She became keen and motivated in learning. When she is in doubt, she will be more willing to voice out her queries, thus her overall performance in school has improved notably. Thank you Global Art and Happy 15th anniversary!


    – Soong Choo Kien, Parents of Soong Choo Silfyn –

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    Jeslynne Zhuang Mei Li, 8 Years Old, Level 1

    I like colouring, drawing and painting. I wanted to join Global Art because I want to take part in the competition and win the trophies. I find Global Art lessons interesting because I get to learn new colouring techniques. I also like the teachers in Global Art because they are nice and encouraging.


    – Jeslynne Zhuang Mei Li, Student –

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    Hosiana, Parents of Jeslynne Zhuang Mei Li

    Ever since she was 3 years old, when she could hold her pencil, Jeslynne was into drawing and colouring, she was keen to explore drawing on her own. At first, it was just scribbling, of course her drawings weren’t that good but her interest was there. I thought what she needed was professional guidance.


    So when we passed by the Global Art In-house competition held somewhere near Global Art Yishun last year, and when she saw the trophies and the nice drawings, that sparked her interest to join art classes as she wanted to win those trophies. Therefore, we enrolled her for Global Art.


    After joining Global Art for 3 to 4 months, her drawings became more detailed. She used to draw a person with just circles, but now she would add more details into it, and her drawings became nicer.


    Moreover, she can now express her mind into drawings. She had become more creative and confident. Last year, Jeslynne even participated in a painting event at Plaza Singapura. This proofs that she has the courage to do the painting in public. Thank you Global Art and Happy 15th anniversary!


    – Hosiana, Parents of Jeslynne Zhuang Mei Li –

    Jessie Fu, Parents of Ernestine and Jerestin Wong

    Global art class is my kids’ favourite. They enjoy spending time there to practice their arts and learn new techniques. We believe it is because the global art teachers are patient and caring, besides their own interests in arts. We will let my kids to continue attending the class so long as they can cope with studies. Thank you Global Art and Happy 15th anniversary!


    - Jessie Fu , Parents of Ernestine and Jerestin Wong -

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  • Our Testimonials

    "My daughter has been going for classes at GA Yishun for about 4yrs. She has always looked forward to going for art lessons as compared to some other enrichments which she would start to find boring after few months. Have seen the improved patience she demonstrates when it comes to drawing. So far, teachers at GA are pleasant and accomodative to (reasonable) requests."

    -Yang TH -

    "The teachers in yishun globalart are dedicted, trained and patient with the kids. They will give the kids opportunities to be creative, and yet teach them the art techniques. Recommend kids whom want to learn art to globalart."

    - Lim Kweeyen -

    "My daughter has been studying at Global Art for 5 years, from P1 to now P5, although she is very busy with her studies, she is still continuing. This is her hobby. Under the teaching system of Global Art and the teacher's patient and professional guidance, her hobby has been well supported and developed. In addition, her aesthetics and concentration have also been subtly improved."

    - Shi Hui -

    Our daughter spend a few months with Global Art before putting a pause due to other commitment. Even after 1 year of pause, they did not forget about her and make sure she is given her certificate. There was absolutely no pressure from the center to ask my daughter to resume... Just a simple “Come back to us anytime she is ready as we will retain her registeration". Special thanks to Teacher Kris and Teacher Wendy. Very professional and caring."

    - Riccardo Tan -