• Visual Art Program

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    Ever wanted to learn how to create beautiful and colourful artwork? Look no further as our Visual Arts programme will enable you to learn various colouring and drawing techniques and develop your own style. Younger students will learn with wax crayons and oil pastels, while older students learn to paint with poster colours. Those who wish to further enhance their abilities can learn advanced colouring and drawing to create stunning artwork.

  • Age 3-4 Junior Program

    Our junior program builds up learner's knowledge and certainty by providing activities which will advance to social skills and early literacy

  • Age 5-6 Foundation

    A multidisciplinary based art education with the desire to boost children's learning skills and creativity. Our modules allow students to envision, conceptualize and analyze within the system to develop creativity and logically.

  • Age 6-7 Pre-Basic

    A course of dynamic, enjoyable and creative drawing lessons, learners will be inspire to develop their drawing skills and personal approach and style. Exploring various subects through observation drawing "technique" using different types of lines, organic shapes, grid of ratio and perspective drawings. By gaining the theoretical and practical ability in drawing, this course assists a great way for learners to improve their confidence in drawing and embark on a journey to elevate their drawing skills.

  • Age 7-9 Basic

    Creative drawing using fruits, animals and human as subjects, learners will delve into a course of story based themes to compose their unique original illustrations.

  • Age 10-12 Intermediate

    Intermediate drawing using human facials and figures. Learner will look into a series of human movement and activities based themes to construct their unique original posters and illustrations.

  • Age 13 & Above Advance

    Learner will master how to Visualize, Compose, Sketch, Draw, and Shade in our Creative Drawing program, as well as Water Painting in our Creative Painting Course. Finally, create their original illustrations using different composition and subjects in our Creative Illustration program.